Get Streamlined

The adaptable global business platform offered by Oracle E-Business Suite 11i better allows you to operate globally while complying locally, supporting your operations 24/7.
Customer-focused applications means Oracle E-Business Suite protects the value of your existing investment and better allows you to evolve your business.

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i offers you efficient:

Financial Management

  • Meet financial reporting and tax requirements with one accounting, tax, banking and payments model.
  • Make the right investment decisions with integrated performance management and business intelligence.
  • Manage risk and reduce compliance costs.

Human Capital Management

  • Get an accurate view of human resources activities – recruitment, performance management, learning compensation, benefits, payroll, time management and real-time analytics – in an instant.
  • Better align your workforce with strategic objectives with an automated process from recruitment to retirement.

Supply Chain Management

  • Simplify and streamline your order management process from promise shipping.
  • Streamline your entire process, from promise to shipment, with a single, accurate view of your entire logistics process.
  • Optimize the flow of information, materials, cash and resources to better plan and design your supply chains.
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