Get a Clear View

In order to maximize your top and bottom-line growth, you need a customer relationship management solution you can rely on in order to provide consistent, top-notch service. You need a solution you can trust.
Oracle® Siebel CRM On Demand from Souvenir Technologies centralizes vital customer and sales data, giving you and your employees a reliable 360-degree view of your customers. Ease-of-use, combined with flexibility and low monthly fixed costs make it an ideal solution for companies of any size.
Siebel CRM On Demand offers comprehensive features that can easily be tailored to your needs:

  • Sales – automate, simplify and manage all the information your organization needs with greater control over accounts, realistic forecasts and a view into your pipelines.
  • Service – improve productivity and satisfy customers contacting your call centre with a hosted, multichannel support application.
  • Marketing – manage, execute and analyze campaigns with a clearer view of your customers to maximize your marketing team’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Analytics – make smart decisions with easy access to real-time intelligence that analyzes trends historically and comparatively.
  • Support – get the help you need when you need it, whether at the office or on the road with web services support.
Rethink Your Options

Souvenir Technologies offers a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources. This enables us to provide you with high value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match.
Isn’t it time to rethink your options and work with a company who knows your challenges and specializes in comprehensive customer relationship management solutions like Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand.
If a Oracle Siebel CRM On Demand solution is right for your business, contact us today.