Life Science and Healthcare

The Life sciences industry expended rapidly in the last few years. The global growth has been a result of the large scale research. Considering that health and well being are such a crucial part of our lives, it can safely be assumed that the contribution of health care industry to economies all over the globe is quite significant. In such a scenario, life sciences industry needs the cutting edge of technology and robust processes which help serve their mission by improving drug manufacturing, streamlining research and data management. Increasing global competition require health care companies to offer their services at prices that are falling rapidly. This makes optimization of the cost of operations a necessity. We offer specialized IT services to pharma, bio-technology and healthcare companies.

Life Sciences (CDM and EDC)

We provide following services to pharmaceutical companies and CROs:

  • Study implementation (Protocol / requirements, mock user interface screens, coding custom functions / edit checks / validation, changes to reports, eCRFs, testing, deployment).
  • Mobile enabling eCRFs.
  • Production support during the study.
  • Conversion of manual CRFs to Digital format (dual data entry and scanning / validation).
  • Support for study closure (data integrity checks, backup, migration to data warehouse).
  • Post-study data analytics and reports.
  • IT Consulting.
Health Care

We provide following services to several health care providers:

  • Mobile enabling schedules.
  • Automation of Practice Management.
  • Practice at a glance (dashboard) including mobile platforms
  • Portals for multiple lines of Practices
Health Care Insurance

We provided following services to Health Care Insurance Companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers:

  • Business analysis and mapping
  • Software development and implementation.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Integration of legacy applications.
  • Mobile Solutions.
  • Project Management.
  • IT Consulting.