Get Everyone on the Same Page

Without a solid resource where your employees can collaborate with one another, access information and set organizational goals, it’s difficult to make your business thrive.

Get the Right Fit

Microsoft SharePoint® from Souvenir Technologies gives you a single place for your people to do just that – share information, manage content and make business connections more easily. In short, it simplifies organizing your people, projects and intelligence.
Create, manage and build your own Microsoft SharePoint Management & Development sites using the combined collaboration features of Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint 2007, along with the design and customization capabilities of Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

Get the Vitals You Need

At Souvenir Technologies, we deliver SharePoint solutions that provide:

  • Collaboration – work together more effectively, collaborating on and publishing documents, maintaining task lists, and better controlling workflow.
  • Portals – create a personal MySite portal to share information and personalize their experience and content.
  • Enterprise Search – find people, expertise and content in business applications with ease.
  • Enterprise Content Management – create and manage documents, records and web content from a single source.
  • Business Process and Forms – automate and streamline your business processes by creating workflows and electronic forms.
  • Business Intelligence – access critical business information, analyze and view data, and publish reports.
Get the Options You Want with Souvenir Technologies

Souvenir Technologies offers a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources. This enables us to provide you with high-value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match.
Isn’t it time to rethink your options and work with a company who knows your challenges and specializes in solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint, that maximize how you share information across your organization?

If a Microsoft SharePoint solution is right for your business, contact us today.